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While the rapid Micro Market growth to date has been impressive the next few years are expected to experience an even greater rate of expansion. Based upon equipment supplier projections, the size of the Micro Market installation base is forecasted to add more than 3,000 new locations each year through 2015 and to accelerate even further thereafter.

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    As the fastest growing segment of the vending industry today, micro market placements will continue to increase in 2013. According to Automatic Merchandiser research, 5 percent of operators added micro markets in 2011. Out of those who do not operate micro markets, 16 percent planned to add them in 2013.

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    Explosive growth is expected in this segment. More than 3,000 micro markets are in operation today and 50,000 more are expected to arise in the next five years.

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    According to the most recent NAMA tradeshow, mini retail is a 7 billion dollar opportunity, which is about 17% of the vending market in the U.S.

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The number of Micro Market locations in the United States rose 170% between 2011 and 2012, according to a study conducted by veteran vending market researcher Brad Bachtelle of Bachtelle & Associates (Tustin, CA). "What have we done? We've created a new channel," Bachtelle said. "It's driving more sales, pleasing customers and exciting our industry."

To gauge the success of the Micro Market concept, Bachtelle & Associates worked with all the suppliers of self-checkout kiosks. They found that, in December 2012, there were 2,642 active Micro Market locations with 2,724 active kiosks -- higher-volume Micro Market can have more than one checkout terminal.

"What's next? We predict that there will be 13,000 Micro Market on location by 2015, and 35,000 within a decade," Bachtelle continued.

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