• Who is Fresh Healthy Vending?

    We are innovators, pioneers, and market leaders in healthy vending and Micro Market related products and services. This is the distribution of healthy snacks the way it should be: fresh, healthy, and affordable. We are excited about the healthy movement and it shows in our products and technology!

    Fresh Healthy Vending At-A-Glance

    • Founder of Healthy Vending we have more than eight years experience in the industry!
    • Founded in February 2010 and growing everyday!
    • Headquarters in beautiful San Diego, CA, 45 internal employees working hard to help you be a successful franchisee!
    • Over 200 Franchisees
    • Over 3,000 healthy vending machines placed in 44 States
    • Franchisees in Puerto Rico, Canada and the Bahamas
    • Corporate Operating Division and International Master Franchisor Division
    • Fresh is a publicly traded company
  • What is the Fresh Mission?

    We want to help you save people from their own bad habits and end this self-abuse! Obesity is a problem of epic proportions.

    Our mission is simple:
    We accomplish this goal by providing our franchisees with:

    • Turn-key franchise
    • Training and support to help you successfully lead the crusade
    • Proprietary and profitable vending business model
    • Strong brand
    • Core values that deliver daily success
  • What is my role as a Fresh Vending Franchisee?

    Your role as a franchisee is providing your community with healthier options so consumers can live in a healthier tomorrow. It’s simple!

    We are looking for the best of the best entrepreneurs who share our passion for healthy products and lifestyles. If this is you and you want to join a proven system of success, you will fit right in.

    You will deliver excellent service and profit directly from your new Micro Markets with markets in corporate environments, hospitals, health clubs, and other specific locations in your area.

    Our simple operating system encourages multi-market ownership in local territories. As a franchisee, you are encouraged to come grow with us in your area.

  • What type of support and training can I expect?

    As the nation’s largest healthy vending franchisor, we understand what you need to succeed! Exceptional training and support is one of our core principles. We are entirely focused on making your experience the best it can be.


    As a franchisee, you will receive a 2-day training program at our San Diego corporate offices. You’ll cover: machine operation and maintenance, menu/product training, how to conduct a sampling event, nutritional guidelines, and workplace wellness training.

    You will also receive:

    • Complete training manuals
    • Videos
    • Continuing online support guides and updates


    You can expect our experienced team and Franchisee Relations Department (yes, there is an entire department dedicated to training you and to improving your knowledge base) to provide you with:

    • Ongoing technical and warranty support
    • Proven marketing strategies and tools
    • Menu set-up
    • Inventory management
    • Software management
    • Day-to-day operations


    Our goal is to continue to utilize our successful network of franchisees to develop new and innovative products, models, and ideas that encourage growth.

  • What type of mark-up can I expect to see from products I sell?

    For healthy snacks and drinks, product prices retail at between $0.75 cents and $3.00 per item. The mark-up on each product is usually between 60% and 100%. Fresh food products vary. Average sale price is closer to $5.00 with 50%-60% margin available.

    In some cases the location is paid 15% of the net profit on each item and this commission is typically paid monthly to each location. Many locations will be commission free as they will be driven by corporate wellness initiatives. In fact, some locations will even subsidize the products in your market!

  • How many hours per week will it take me to run a franchise?

    This depends on how many Fresh Micro Markets you are operating and how many products you sell from each machine. It is recommended that you visit each locations at least once every 2-3 days for general maintenance. Remember, you are monitoring your locations remotely and online in real time. All you need to do is keep an eye on the software. Each visit would generally take approximately 30 minutes.

  • Does the Fresh Micro Market franchise require employees?

    You can either service the Micro Markets yourself or hire an employee. It’s completely up to you. Wow, that's a choice most of us would like: no employees!

    Once you get to 30 Micro Markets or more you will likely require some help, but not until then. This is the most flexible business opportunity in the franchise world today. Your only job is filling the Micro Markets. Nothing else!

  • Can I make this a family business?

    Sure! Many of our franchisees get the whole family involved when developing a franchise.

  • How do I get started?

    If you are ready to make the best business decision of your life, please contact a Fresh Healthy Vending franchise Development Manager or complete the form on this page.


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